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Give Up Robot Unblocked is an interesting game with a creative and unique plot. You play the character of a robot named “give up”. Being a player, you have to avoid all the hurdles and punishments coming from the pixelated robot. The purpose of this game is to punish the Give Up Robot Unblocked in all possible ways and the role of the robot is to do something to avoid all punishments. This problem tackling feature of the robot makes these games interesting and unique. Matt Thorson is the designer of this game and he has designed an easy to navigate menu which players can easily master.

Give Up Robot Unblocked
Instructions of the game:

The instructions of the game are clear to the players and it is essential to understand all the instructions before starting the game. It is a kind of flash game in which players have to solve puzzles and search for opportunities to get a way out. The Give Up Robot Unblocked has to travel through different places and he will encounter different obstacles in his journey. How he will overcome those obstacles, which measure he can take and to which extent he can use his weapons, are explained in instructions. Everything in the game depends on the reaction skills of the players. Players are instructed to use Spiderman web to make the robot jump from one place to the other. The robot is the main character and he uses wheels instead of legs for bouncy suspension and he has a harpoon instead of arms. He uses his harpoon to hook up and to swing in order to avoid falling and to avoid getting destroyed. Arrow keys are used for navigation in all directions. Players are free to use additional tools in the game for the purpose of navigation.

Controls of the game:

Give Up Robot Unblocked is an addictive game with many interesting puzzles to figure out. The game has many controls and obstacles to stop the robot from reaching its destination. Vents, cannons, electrified blocks and lasers are some common controls used in the game to stop the robot. The task of the player is to avoid all controls and pass the 50 difficulty levels. These can be unlocked in a sequential way. The major trick which can be used in the game is to use strategy and planning the bricks in such a way to create an eventual pattern.